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Improve both institutional and individual skills at building long-term client relationships

The Client Leadership Academy, led by relationship authority Andrew Sobel, offers a variety of free and pro-bono learning programs.

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These courses focus on important relationship-building topics. You can sign up immediately for The Relationship Principles, a 12-week program that sets out 12 essential principles that should guide your relationship-building efforts. Each week, a lesson is conveniently sent to you by email.

Learning programs for not-for-profit organizations

Each year, Andrew Sobel works as a consultant and coach to a limited number of not-for-profit organizations, to help them achieve their most important goals. In some cases all fees are waived, in others they are reduced substantially. These include deepening relationships with key constituencies such as clients, donors, collaborating partners, and employees; sharpening their vision and mission; and many others. Please contact him at

If you are a for-profit corporation or individual practitioner who seeks commercial learning programs, please go to to Andrew Sobel’s personal website where you can learn about a variety of consulting, coaching, and professional development offerings.


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